July 24, 2024
CAVU Ops., Inc. was officially created June 1, 2000.  The need to create CAVU Ops., Inc. arose when certain assets of Western Tar Products Corporation were sold on May 31, 2000.  Western, a manufacturer of pressure treated Railroad Ties and related forest products as well as a producer of Coal Tar based chemicals, was formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1873. 

Joseph B. Card, the fifth generation owner of Western Tar Products Corporation, had remaining businesses that were not involved with the sale of Western Tar Products.  The challenge was coming up with a new Company name for the parent company.  Thus CAVU Ops., Inc. was born.  CAVU stands for Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited, a term Joseph B. Card was familiar with since his father, Richard Card, flew the Hump in WWII and frequently talked about the, "CAVU days."  A CAVU day is a wonderful day to fly - ceiling and visibility unlimited.

Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited, a pilot's survival opportunity and a business mind set.www.omegachat.me

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